Clean Water and Open Space for Boise

Recently, I was happy to canvass for the Open Space and Clean Water levy on two Saturdays. Preservation of our open space is something we can leave for future generations as the Treasure Valley experiences population growth. I will continue to advocate that planners pay attention to the Central Bench because we have a lot of density and only a few open spaces left.

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Lets Get Child Support Issue Resolved

John’s daughter in law ELva had this to say about the legislature’s failure to enact the international reciprocal child support legislation:

“Our budget planning relies on my two children’s child support that is paid to H & W by their out of state dad. This legislative mess is another burden and headache that my family doesn’t need. Get this straightened out for me, my kids, and everyone. The Legislature should solve problems, not create them.”

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The $330 million in total earnings for the Idaho State Endowment Fund in fiscal year 2014 wasn’t great news for our kids, corrections and mental health treatment. Instead the money was placed in the 1.8 billion stock and investment fund for the money managers to manage. The Fund is now up from an $800 million balance 10 years ago.

But, this windfall isn’t trickling down to benefit Idaho kids, corrections and mental health beneficiaries. The Endowment paid last September …

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