• Jury pay at $10 a day is insulting. After several tries, I was able to write a bill where the state pays $50 to jurors in lengthy trials. Now the counties need to step up and raise the pay to $50/day for all days of service.
    Jury Assembly
  • “I was raised in a group where adults do not use modern medicine to treat their children. I almost died of whooping cough once. My legislator John Gannon stands up for people like me. I want him to continue so I registered to vote for the first time ever.” - Willie Hughes, Boise
    Willie Hughes
  • Since late 2019 John Gannon has pressured Veola (formerly Suez) to clean up Boise Bench water. Representative Gannon and three others intervened in a PUC Veola water rate case. In 2021 Veola began a 1.5 million rehab of the Taggart Well, and the replacement of old iron pipes is proceeding.
    Bench Brown Water
  • When the invasion happened I drafted two bills to force PERSI and another investment to sell Russian bonds and rubles they had invested in. With a Republican co-sponsors help, they became law.
    Sell Russian Assets!
  • Public Defense

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