About John


In 2012 I was honored to be elected as a State Legislator from the Central Bench of Boise, where I have lived for 30 years.  As a legislator I have advocated for better school funding and accountability, funding in exchange for caps on tuition, fought the failed private prison management of one of our State prisons, and worked to solve problems through communication, not confrontation. I am serving on JFAC (budget committee), Judiciary, Rules and Administration,  Ethics, and several interim committees including a fascinating technology committee that deals with cybersecurity.

I am a longtime advocate of quality education, which means a public school system that is responsive to parents, educators and most importantly the needs of our children.  My children attended Monroe, South and Borah High School and I became familiar with the challenges and opportunities in our Boise Bench Schools. I learned to appreciate that quality means experienced and motivated educators and adequate facilities and funding.

In 2006  I served as a member of the Boise School Facilities Steering Committee and successfully worked to keep small neighborhood schools like Monroe and Washington open as parents and neighbors wished.  Later I supported a school bond that reinvested in our Central Bench schools , such as South, Grace Jordan and Whitney, and along with a Republican publicist put together an endorsement rally by 26 present and former legislators from both parties.   In 2012 I worked for the Boise school levy increase that has helped to keep the quality of our district high.  There are no shortcuts in education.  There is no cheap way to do it.

I was motivated to be a candidate for the legislature in 2012 by several education mandates passed by the Legislature in 2011, called the Luna Laws.  Part of my testimony to the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee in 2011 was included on Idaho Reports, a PBS station news program, and I advocated in many other ways against these mandates

I graduated from Hastings College of Law, University of California, and my law practice has focused upon representing people as consumers or in their small business affairs.