Clean Water and Open Space for Boise

Recently, I was happy to canvass for the Open Space and Clean Water levy on two Saturdays. Preservation of our open space is something we can leave for future generations as the Treasure Valley experiences population growth. I will continue to advocate that planners pay attention to the Central Bench because we have a lot of density and only a few open spaces left.

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Gannon Calls for Greater Education Funding

This year, I voted against the K-12 education budget because school spending is still $40 million below spending in the 2008-2009 academic year.  Since 2008, Idaho school districts have experienced a 5% increase in student enrollment, a 25% increase in school district health insurance premium costs, a Persi contribution increase, and some inflation.  I made these points on the House Floor during debate and in discussions with the media. For more information, check out the link below.  

Lawmaker: K-12 budget a ‘dismal failure’

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Gannon Calls for Ending Colorado CCA Contract

Representative John Gannon and a colleague have proposed a Legislative Resolution to require the State to end its last remaining CCA contract which provides for the housing of Idaho inmates at the private CCA Kit Carson facility in Colorado.  Currently there are 250 Idaho inmates there. The private prison experiment has failed in Idaho and the way in which the contract has been breached is a good reason to end all CCA contracts.  

Lawmakers want out-of-state prisoners brought home

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