I have proposed legislation to modernize a rarely used exception to our child protection injury law so that every parent must seek medical attention to treat a child who is at risk of death or permanent disability.   Presently the law allows faith healing parents to refuse treatment.  But, a child has a right to become an adult, and society in general believes a child should be treated for an illness such as strep throat, pneumonia, infection or diabetes. The proposal is supported by the Interfaith Alliance, and those who are familiar with the exclusive use of faith healing for serious illness.  The idea behind the legislation is to require parents to seek medical treatment in addition to faith healing and nothing more.   Decisions regarding the nature and extent of medical treatment remain the same as they are today.

The proposal has been widely discussed and you can read more here:

Boise lawmaker targets faith healing in children’s deaths

Interfaith Alliance of Idaho backs bill aimed at tackling faith healing


Our economic development and long term financial health require an educated workforce, including 60 per cent of our young people having a post secondary degree.   High costs discourage their participation and unfortunately the cost continues to grow. Team 17 believes the uncollected internet sales tax could help address this problem.

It is estimated that $45 million in internet sales taxes are not collected by Idaho and a recent United States Supreme Court decision makes it easier to collect.  Young people are burdened by ever increasing tuition ($6200) plus health insurance that costs $2000 or more at Boise State.  Thus, a student pays $8200 before even buying a book, paying rent, or purchasing food.   Only one third of Boise State students receive no strings “Pell Grants” in an average amount of $2200.  Student loans charge interest.

The Fair Tuition Act would use $5 million of the uncollected money to enhance the State’s scholarship fund, which has been a flat $8 million for many years.  The Act provides an additional $20 million to reduce tuition at all public institutions by about $1000 at Universities and $500 at community colleges.

This is one idea that Team 17 is promoting in order to encourage young people to pursue post secondary education and strengthen our economy.

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