It is Time to Talk About Education

The good news is that the “Right to Discriminate Bill” (HB 427) has been shelved.  And the failed private prison experiment is over for now, and with bipartisan support there is some change to the parole system.  The bad news is that education spending and policy should dominate State business, but the majority has directed the focus toward other matters, such as guns on campus, nullification of all EPA regulations, and AG gag bill.  And, instead of a hearing, leaders have engaged in an ongoing argument with Add the Words.

I am supporting the consensus recommendations of the Education Task Force, but we have considered only one part relating to teacher bonus pay as of March 3.  We are supposed to end the session in 20 days.  This session may become one of the most disappointing sessions in recent memory, simply because the Legislature is not focusing on the most important issues we face: the opportunities provided by a strong fair system of education and the economic development that results.

I urge you to contact leaders, legislators, and others involved in the process and ask them when are we going to discuss education and when are we going to act to support the consensus approach.  Governor Otter said he supported the Task Force, as did Superintendent Luna. It is time to address the Task Force recommendations and implement them.

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  • Molly Cochell says

    I am in total agreement. There are so many things we need to work on and what has been done does not seem priority or even warranted! Frustrating for me as well. I haven’t seen ed bills coming up and appreciate your updates.

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