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img_0647Jury Pay has been a minimum daily $10 plus mileage since 1968. Government and some private employees get their full salary while serving, but the daily $10 is a hardship for others.  In 2013,  with a Republican co-sponsor, I proposed a bill to allow counties to pay up to $50 a day, which passed, but only a few  counties do so. Just think about how much County Commissioner,  Judge, and attorneys pay has increased since 1968.  In 2015 I proposed a bill for $50 a day financed in part by court fees, which passed the House but stalled in the Senate. Jury service is probably the only public service mandated by government. I want to work again next session to pay $50 a day.  What do you think and what is your experience?

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  • Pamela Williams says

    $50 a day sounds reasonable to me and would perhaps reduce some of the resentment and cynicism many people feel about being called to serve on a jury. I support your efforts.

  • Carol Menges says

    I think this is entirely appropriate. Even as a substitute teacher in a couple of school districts around here I received more than $50.00 per day. It seems to me that if a person is going to be paid anything at all for doing this public service, and since the service is mandated and can typically last at least a week (at least in my experience), that $10.00 per day is a silly and even disrespectful compensation. It wouldn’t even pay for babysitters for those who need them nor adequately compensate for lost income by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Judy Austin says

    I could not agree more, John. While my own experiences were as a state employee and I lost no pay, I can’t imagine how hard it would be for, for example, a stay-at-home mom who’d have to arrange child care. No way is $10 going to cover that.

  • dawn king says

    I so agree- As a school teacher, I still get my daily pay but many of the parents of students here at school get paid minimum wage- Then if they serve, they loose a day’s pay and get 10.00. 10.00 is not a fair wage for a day’s work and you can see why people are reluctant to serve. If they get on a three day trial- it is even harder on them. Raise the rate

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