Lets Get Our Economy Going

Look, most of us dislike masks, social distancing and sanitizing, but I do it all to fight the virus. I want others to stay healthy, but in addition many customers won’t come to my business, restaurants or shops unless there are safe practices. Congress can’t keep borrowing trillions of dollars and people need jobs. To promote health and our economy I am featuring businesses that follow safe practices. At Andrades 4620 Overland Road customer safety is a priority. Lynn Schmidt reminded me to go there! They require masks, constantly sanitize and even take temperatures, unless someone vigorously disagrees which is rare according to the owner. The tables are isolated or at least 10 feet apart and there are several outside tables. I urge you to shop and let those with safe practices know you appreciate their fight against the virus!

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  • Pamela Williams says

    Thank you, John, for championing safe practices that will hasten our recovery. I really appreciate it!

  • Barb Franek says

    Thanks for the comment on Andrades and promoting safe practices.

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