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Like many of you, my family members served in World War II. My dad was an Army Sergeant; at 49 my grandfather (of German descent) left his business in his partners hands to join the Army to help plan the war in Washington; cousins interrupted their lives and served. They were fighting evil: The Nazis. It is sickening anyone now would adopt this evil philosophy, whether it is the disgusting graffiti left at two Boise restaurants, or the person causing mayhem this week. America isn’t perfect, but there is no reason for anyone to look to Nazism as a solution. I am not a” Love it of Leave it” person, except when it comes to a philosophy that wants to kill and maim others. So if you want to be a Nazi, please leave America. My family didn’t fight to protect your right to promote racism and hurt others.

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  • Bill gannon says

    Nicely said

  • Pamela Williams says

    Well said, John. Thank you for taking a public stand against racism and hate. Thank you for your leadership and for speaking truth to power.

  • Carol Menges says

    Anyone who wants to bring down our civil society–such as the Nazis, the communists, Antifa groups and any others of like behavior–their illegal activities should not be tolerated. These confrontations are much like street fighting in Berlin in the 1930s, Nazis against the communisits, and for the same reason: supremacy. It’s illegal, dangerous, and not acceptable in America.

  • Neil Hamilton says

    John, Thanks for your comments and your service to the great state of Idaho. Neil

  • Dan Marler says

    Nice article John….


  • Dolores Aragon says

    Thank you Representative Gannon. Sadly, the white supremacists are claiming that injuries & deaths caused by their extremism is justified. And they are threatening more violence in the streets of these United States. Peace-loving Americans need strong leadership now, more than ever, to shut down the hatred & violence we are witnessing.

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