No One Hurt in Orchard/Clark Street Fire

Fire is an unexpected but constant threat  and apartment occupants today at Clark and Orchard on the Bench experienced a horrible fire, fueled by the plastic composition of hot tubs or spas and pallets.  One woman on oxygen was removed from her apartment by two workers from a nearby tire store, who promptly went door to door to advise them of the danger.  Below you can see a plume of black smoke that could be seen a mile away.  The next picture shows what is left of the spas.  Another picture shows how the apartments wisely had a brick and stucco façade, but the intense heat appears to have gotten through.  There were no injuries that I heard about, but one building appears to be a total loss.

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  • Robert Niles King says

    Very happy nobody was hurt! Interested to know the cause of the fire

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